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Drew & Kristine


Working in media, it's very clear from my vantage point that it's becoming a part of every ministry leader’s life to create websites, generate social media posts, and print publications such as newsletters and brochures for their ministries. Many of these groups need photos for these projects, and sometimes it's incredibly difficult to find the right image. A few websites are popping up that offer incredible images of things like technology, nature, and the city, but I've also noticed that there are very few high-quality photographs custom tailored for what ministries might need.

Because of this, I've started a new long-term, experimental project that will allow leaders both inside the Underground Network and out to access a database of free, high-resolution photography intended to be used by them, called Photosforthe.Church

This is one of the greatest gifts my job allows me: to see the needs of a variety of different ministry leaders, all working for different causes and caring for (and discipling) wildly different communities, and learning how I can serve them all at the same time. I personally know ministry leaders who are constantly serving the poor, and creative arts simply aren't their strong suit. This project gives them free access to photos they can use for projects such as donor updates or event flyers, and directly translates into time they can now spend on real ministry.

It's our hope that this will bless ministry leaders not only in our network, but in any church around the globe that has this need.

Drew Coffman