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Drew & Kristine

Selah's Clothing Swap

Happy Thanksgiving, from us to you! This holiday season, we made it our priority to begin thinking of ways to bring those who don't know Jesus into our community.

Kristine's home church, Selah, has also been trying to think of new ways to reach out to young women who aren't believers but would benefit from - and be open to - coming to a bible study and learning more about Jesus. In a moment of creativity, Kristine and her bible study group decided to hold a clothing swap where people were asked to bring three pieces of clothing, and then in return could pick out any clothes that they wanted for free, with anything left over being donated to Created's thrift store.

We encouraged anyone who came to Selah to invite non-believing friends to the swap, and the turnout was fantastic. We had about 25 women come, which was wonderful for our first outreach of this sort. We were amazed by the response, and a lot of non-Christians that came were impressed by the creativity by the event and became very open to asking questions about our bible study - and of course, our next clothing swap. 

This was a great tool we used to provide a basic need for college-aged students (clothes), but it was even more a way to reach out and love on those who are not yet in relationship with God. Pray with us as we follow-up with those who came, meet up for coffees, and befriend these new faces in the hope of being Jesus and inviting them into the Kingdom. 

We're excited the event was such a hit, and believe that the next one will be even bigger.

Drew Coffman