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Drew & Kristine

Prodigal Stories | Our Easter Event

For us at the Underground, Easter is always an amazing opportunity to reach into the communities we've been trying to impact, and invite them to a service where we'll create a moment for people to commit their lives to Jesus. 

This year, we studied the story of the Prodigal Son, and my media team got a chance to interview some of our microchurch leaders and members, to allow them to tell their story and stir hearts towards Jesus. 

Finding moving stories isn't hard within our community, because every single leader has countless stories to tell about the ways God has personally rescued them, and given them purpose to bring his kingdom to earth. At Easter, we read the passage of the prodigal, and this video was shared before the talk to move people's hearts who don't know God to really engage, and think about what their story could be.

At the service, we had around 20 people commit their lives in that moment to Christ, and have heard reports from many microchurches about the ways Jesus is still working in the lives of those who felt too afraid in the moment to make a decision. Pray with us as God continues to grow those new believers!

Throughout the week after Easter we continued to publish the stories of other members of our community, constantly asking "What will your story be?" Here are a few of those:

This is why I love media. It can so often work as a non-threatening tool that really boldly proclaims the story of the gospel in a way that we often can't put into words in person. I am honored to create opportunities to push peoples walls down, and open them up to hearing about Jesus in a new way, maybe for the first time.

Drew Coffman