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Drew & Kristine

Leadership Summit

This past weekend, our Underground staff team put on a conference for our leaders called the Leadership Summit. We had about 200 of them come to spend the weekend planning for new mission work and listening to where God is calling them next. 

It was a great time for different ministries to plan with their teams about how to launch back into what they're doing for the fall and the next year. These groups all have wildly different mission fields, from InterVarsity staff workers going back to their campuses, to Timothy Initiative's team working with men coming out of addiction, to Hoola for Happiness, using hula-hoops to share the gospel all over the world, deciding where they're going next.

We also discussed just what a need there is in our city for even more work. Though we now have over 100 microchurches within our network, we believe the city needs thousands of individuals and groups reaching the lost. Please pray alongside us as we seek to call, equip, and support even more people desiring to reach someone God has put on their heart, and to saturate our cities with the gospel of Jesus. 

Continue to pray for us and all of the microchurches as they kick off a new semester of ministry - and pray for Kristine and I as we start a new home church, called Inhabit, in a few weeks! We hope to reach young leaders who are following Jesus and need true community to push them forward. Keep us in prayer in this coming month.

Drew Coffman