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Drew & Kristine

Graduations & Baptisms

Every year Created puts on an annual event where the women who are graduating the program – and women who are currently participating – are honored and celebrated for their hard work. This year we had two women who graduated and have come a really long way, both of them dreaming about pursuing ministry, and working with Created.

One of the women who participated in the graduation is someone who I befriended in the jails about a year ago, who was not in need of the structure of our residential program, but still needed our help. We were able to connect her with the human trafficking department of the local Salvation Army that we partner with so she could have housing, while we took on the responsibility of providing counseling, weekly coaching sessions, dental care, and clothing, as well as helping her enroll in college classes (which she's pursuing full time), connect with a church, NA meetings, and more.

Working at Created, our goal is to meet every need – spiritual, emotional, physical, and practical. This past month, through our coaching sessions, we were able to talk about the concept of baptism, and this woman decided she wanted to commit her life to Jesus, publicly declaring that she belongs to him. This was a nerve-wracking decision for her, as she really understood the severity of what she was doing, and wanted to make sure it was genuine and that she was ready to give herself fully to Jesus. 

Her baptism was also her one-year-clean date, which, as a woman in her thirties, was the first time she’s ever been clean for a year in her entire life. When we baptized her, you could sense God’s presence in the room, and it was a beautiful and genuine act of love, to and with God. 

If I’m being honest, with a limited staff, it is difficult to help one person get to this place of stability, let alone the multiple women we work with both inside our residential program and out... but to see their lives restored, day by day, is a priceless gift worth giving. To see this woman begin to heal enough to reach this sobriety mark, makes it all worth it. To see a woman decide, with her own heart, to be baptized, to connect to a church, and to come back to faith, is worth it. To see the women at our graduation be celebrated for all their hard work, is worth it. To see two young women on fire for the Lord, committed to pursue him in ministry, is worth it. 

Presenting at the Created Graduation

Presenting at the Created Graduation

Working at Created, we tackle every issue that you could possibly imagine. While it requires giving your whole life to – weekends, holidays, nights, and so much more – I can’t imagine living any other way. Thank you for the role you're playing in their lives as well.

Kristine Coffman